Can You Bring Personal Items To A Personal Care Home In San Antonio?

One of the first things that you may wonder about if you are moving your loved one into a personal care home in San Antonio is what to send with them. Do you need to pack up and store all of their treasured belongings or will the residential home allow these items? Will your loved one’s space be large enough to even hold all of their belongings? These and other questions are often at the forefront of conversations that are held between families and their chosen residential homes.

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Most facilities will allow residents to have certain personal items with them. Of course, this can differ greatly from facility to facility. The best way to know what you can and cannot send is to contact the personal care home in San Antonio where your loved one will be residing and inquire about personal items. Most will encourage you to send along certain photographs and other items that may make your loved one feel more at home.

Starlight Homes understands that our families have questions. We are always available to answer those questions. If your loved one is moving into one of our residential care homes, we encourage you to ask as many questions as you need in order to feel comfortable with this transition. You can learn about many of our allowances by visiting us online at You can also call us at 210-336-2649 to learn more.