Considering a San Antonio Elderly Care Facility?

If you are considering moving your loved one into a San Antonio elderly care facility, you may wonder how this transition will affect them. Depending on your loved one’s state of mind, the transition may be easy. For those who have memory loss, however, this move can cause frustration, aggravation and fear. If your loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s disease or another form of memory loss, transitioning them into a new home may be a stressful event.

San Antonio Memory Care Facility

At Starlight Homes, we specialize in residents with memory loss. Our caring staff is here to help your loved one and you to cope with this change and to make the most out of it. We offer two San Antonio elderly care locations and both of our residential homes are staffed with caring individuals who want to help your loved one to live a higher quality of life. Our homes are not nursing homes. They are residential care facilities where your loved one will be encouraged to live as independently as possible; something that makes the transition a bit easier for them.

Do you or your family have questions about our care or about the transition process for your aging loved one, please reach out to us today at 210-560-1497 and schedule a consultation to learn more about our facilities. You can also learn more by browsing our website at