Finding Structured And Caring Assisted Living In San Antonio

Finding assisted living in San Antonio that offers structured and experienced yet compassionate care may seem difficult. There are many facilities from which to choose. If your loved one has come to the point that assisted living is needed, you may feel overwhelmed at the number of choices. Long term care should provide your loved one with the necessary structure to keep them safe, ensure that they are taking their medications properly and helping them with basic tasks such as dressing and eating.

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Long term care should also include compassion. Those who are faced with the need for an assisted living facility may already be frightened of their new living arrangements. This can be even more vital if the loved one has dementia or another memory loss issue. Finding assisted living in San Antonio that can help with loss of memory is a completely different issue than simply finding a home where an elderly loved one can live out their golden years.

Starlight Homes has experience in memory care. Not only do we provide structured care for those dealing with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, we provide compassionate care for all of our residents. If the time has come to move your loved one into an assisted living facility, we welcome you to visit us and learn more about our caring service. Call us today at 210-560-1497 or visit us online at