Most residents experience difficulty when moving in an Assisted Living facility. Some seniors disapprove of living with a companion right off the bat, stating reasons like a lack of privacy. The idea of having a roommate may be a foreign concept, especially to family members. But, before you or your loved one discredits the possibility of a shared room, do consider the many benefits to having a roommate. Consistently seeing a familiar face can be therapeutic during what might otherwise be a lonely and frightening experience.

For some residents, having a companion is a unique opportunity that enhances their quality of life. There is ample evidence to show that bonding with a roommate may help smooth out the transition to assisted living and have impressive ongoing benefits. Moving into a new place is hard at any age, but it is particularly hard for seniors who may not be ready for the change. The transition can be made easier by having an instant companion. This individual can introduce your loved one to other residents and encourage them to try the various activities offered.

Patricia was no longer capable of living on her own. Her daughter thought that Starlight Homes would be a great option for providing long term care. Patricia was super excited to move to her new home with high hopes of having a roommate. Starlight Homes understands that there are compatibility issues to consider when pairing residents together and thoroughly evaluates each resident before pairing them together. Having the right roommate can provide a more supportive and nurturing environment. Patricia’s first week at Starlight Homes has been great due to her built in companion or roommate Rosemary. Having a roommate has helped to reduce Patricia’s anxiety and depression. As with all relationships, roommate bonding takes a bit of time to work, but is generally well worth it. Starlight Homes is happy to know that Patricia and Rosemary are doing well together. Pairing residents is best accomplished by careful consideration of the potential roommates in terms of personality, culture, physical limitations and sleeping habits.


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