Insurance And Assisted Living In San Antonio

When you decide that it’s time to transition your loved one into an assisted living facility, you may have several questions. One of the most common questions with regards to assisted living in San Antonio involves payment. If your loved one has private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, who bills the insurance company? How will you know if your loved one’s specific insurance will cover the cost of assisted living? What happens if the insurance company refuses to pay?

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There are so many questions when it comes to paying for assisted living in San Antonio. Those who have insurance, either private or government policies, will likely be able to bill their insurance company for most of the cost of the assisted living facility, if not all. However, knowing that one has insurance coverage and ensuring that the policy pays for these facilities are two entirely different things.

At Starlight Homes, we know that insurance can be difficult to navigate. There are so many things to consider when filling out a claim that it can be overwhelming for residents and their families. We can help you to determine how much your loved one’s insurance will pay and what steps need to be taken. Reach out to us today by calling 210-560-1497 or visit us online at to learn more about our facilities and to speak with someone about your loved one’s insurance coverage.