Memory Care Homes For Aging Loved Ones

As parents, grandparents and other loved one’s age, the issue often arises of how to care for that loved one. In many cases, memory care homes in San Antonio become required. For those with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or other memory impairments, a residential home that specializes in memory care may be the only choice. As much as families may want to continue to care for their loved one, those loved ones may have requirements that families simply cannot provide.

memory care homes in San Antonio

If your loved one has shown signs of memory loss, you may want to consider a residential home situation. Memory care homes in San Antonio are designed to provide the around-the-clock supervision that is needed, while offering the residents a bit of freedom to continue to live as active a lifestyle as they can. While you may want to keep your loved one at home, you have to consider that a residential facility may be the safest place for them, and it helps to take the stress off the family who may not know how to adequately care for the loved one.

Starlight Homes specializes in residents with memory impairments. Our staff is thoroughly trained and experienced in issues that residents face when they begin to lose their memories. We are here to help you to make this very important decision about your loved one’s future. Please call us at 210-560-1497 to further discuss your loved one’s needs or visit us online at

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