How Memory Care Homes In San Antonio Differ From Nursing Homes

If your loved one has begun to show signs of memory loss, you may have begun to weigh your options. There are a number of ways that you can help to care for your ailing loved one. One of these is by choosing memory care homes in San Antonio. Memory care homes differ from nursing homes in a number of ways. Before you make your final choice of where your loved one will reside during their golden years, it is important that you understand these differences.

memory care home San Antonio

A nursing home is a facility that provides around the clock medical care. Residents typically share a room with another resident and they are generally bound to the perimeter of the facility. A nursing home is generally a last resort and normally inhabited by those who need medical care that is available around the clock. Memory care homes in San Antonio differ greatly as they offer more of a homelike environment. While assistance is provided for daily tasks such as meal preparation, bathing, dressing and others, medical care is generally not provided around the clock.

Choosing between these two will depend on the needs of each resident. For those who are interested, Starlight Homes is happy to provide an in-person consultation where we can discuss your needs and give you more information about our facilities. Call us today at 210-560-1497 or visit to learn more.

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