Our Story

Mrs. Andreen McDonald and her husband Andre McDonald are the owners and managers of Starlight Homes Assisted Living located in the Northern Hills Subdivision and Alamo Heights area in San Antonio Texas. Mr. and Mrs. McDonald both migrated from the small tropical island of Jamaica. Andre holds a Masters of Engineering Degree and Andreen a Bachelors of Business Administration major in Finance.

As a boy Andre admired the way his mom, aunts and uncles would care for their amputee mother. It was on a sunny Friday in the quite town of Manchioneal, in the parish of Portland in the beautiful island of Jamaica that tragedy struck and almost ended the life of his grandmother. It was on February 16, 1973 when Lydia Lennon left her children and went to work. While at work, his grandmother (Lydia) during her lunch break went to the market to purchase some fresh produce. While standing by the vendor at the outdoor produce market, a truck that was traveling on the road opposite the market lost control and ran into the market. Lydia was among four persons who were hit by the truck and was the only survivor of the accident. After that day Lydia’s life would change forever. She was hospitalized for multiple weeks in a coma. Her left leg was amputated and she never recovered to the person she was prior to her sustaining these injuries.

Growing up with his grandmother Andre on occasions had to assist her with basic activities of daily living. He made it his life’s mission to provide a safe and comfortable environment where aging individuals like is grandmother can be cared for in a homelike environment. Lydia at 93 years old is still being cared for at home by her children. Andre knows that Lydia is very fortunate to have children and grandchildren who can still provide excellent care for her while remaining at home. Not all families have the flexibility to keep their aging loved one at home, they need to find a safe and comfortable environment where they can have a peace of mind in knowing that their loved one is been taken care of.

Andre and Andreen McDonald knows and understands the importance in knowing that your loved one is safe, clean and cared for with the dignity and respect they deserve. Starlight Homes is a compassionate family owned and highly recognized facility in the San Antonio area for the unique quality of care and services that we provide. Each and every one of our residents is treated like our very own family.

For more information about Starlight Homes Assisted Living in San Antonio, or to take a tour, call today (210) 560-1497.