What Type Of Memory Care Does A San Antonio Memory Care Facility Provide?

When choosing a San Antonio memory care facility, it is important to determine what specific types of memory care are provided. For many, losing parts of the memory is simply a part of aging. For those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, more structured care may be needed. Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can be difficult to live with and they can be difficult to care for. Choosing a facility should come down to those that specialize in these conditions.


Starlight Homes specializes in memory care. Our San Antonio memory care facility is staffed with caregivers who have experience in these issues. We understand that memory care is much different than standard elderly care. We ensure that our caregivers are all educated on how to handle the different aspects of memory loss in order to provide our residents and their families with the best possible option for memory loss care.

Part of that care is helping families to better understand their loved one and what they can do to help. We always invite families to visit their loved one in our care homes and encourage residents to regularly engage in activities and outings that will help them to thrive. If you have questions about specific care issues, please call us at 210-560-1497 to discuss those issues. You can also visit us online at https://starlight4u.com to learn more.

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