What Can Your Loved One Expect From Their San Antonio Alzheimer’s Care Home?

Change can be difficult, particularly for those with memory loss. If you are currently planning a transition for your loved one into a San Antonio Alzheimer’s care home, you may have questions about what they should expect once that transition has been completed. Will they have the freedom to go on outings? Will your family be able to visit them whenever they like? What personal items will they be permitted to bring with them? The answers to these and other questions will likely depend on the care home in question.


Some San Antonio Alzheimer’s care homes allow your loved one to come and go as they please, provided they are doing so safely. Many offer only basic care while others go further with minor medical care. Some may allow your loved ones to bring in their own personal items to decorate their rooms while others may recommend that you hang on to these items for your loved one. Again, what your loved one can expect will depend on the memory care home he or she is living in.

Starlight Homes strives to make our residents feel at home. We encourage them to bring their personal belongings with them, provided this is feasible. We want them to love their new home and we welcome visits from family members as often as possible. If you would like to schedule a consultation, feel free to call us at 210-560-1497 or visit us online at https://starlight4u.com.